I Need Computer Restoration & Recovery

iFix24/7 will recover your data and restore your computer to its original condition, or better! A sluggish computer has some combination of spyware, ad-ware, spam-bots, Trojans and viruses–all collectively known as malware. When a computer slows down, intermittently crashes, shuts down by itself, will not boot or shut down correctly, cannot access the Internet, or has warning windows popping up, it is time for a good system scrubbing.

Let’s Get Started!

It’s Time to Back-up Your Computer

To start off, we copy all of your important data (Documents, Photos, Videos) to an external hard drive, so you do not lose any of your personal memories or crucial business information. This will all be reinstalled onto your computer once we have scrubbed it clean with a new install of your Operating System (OS). You will need to provide us with the discs that came with your computer; if you cannot then we will contact the company associated with your make and model computer to get the necessary disc and downloads links. Now we are ready to get your computer back to the way it was when you first touched it!

Next, Determine Your Hardware

Your service tag or serial number is located on a sticker somewhere on your computer. Once you have found it, please be sure not to remove this essential sticker from your hardware. With this information in hand we will confirm what is compatible with your OS for quality control purposes. We can also identify the drivers needed to make your computer run properly and communicate with other necessary peripherals (printer, router, wireless mouse/keyboard).

Cleaning Time; Let’s Format!

This is when we reinstall your OS, removing all your registry errors, viruses, and any other threats that may have been present. Once the OS has been installed properly, and verified, we will install the compatible drivers that make your computer run and communicate properly with other devices.

Last Step; Getting Your Important Data Back!

We transfer all the documents, photos and other important files we saved before, on an external drive, back onto your computer along with any programs you need and have discs for. As a final test, we check the functionality and speed of your computer, making sure that it’s in tip-top shape!

Now your computer is as good as brand-new!